Supporting Semantic Capture during Kinesthetic Teaching of Collaborative Industrial Robots. Knowledge elicitation during dynamic scene description.


Specifically, we give game semantics of a higher-order programming language that distinguishes programmes with the same value yet different algorithms (or intensionality) and the hiding operation on strategies that precisely corresponds to the (small-step) operational semantics (or …

Very roughly, this is an approach to semantics on which meanings are identified with incremental changes to a body of information. This is meant to contrast with, or perhaps generalize, 'static' approaches on which meanings are supplied by referents, concepts, or truth-conditions. Specifically, we give game semantics of a higher-order programming language that distinguishes programmes with the same value yet different algorithms (or intensionality) and the hiding operation on strategies that precisely corresponds to the (small-step) operational semantics (or dynamics) of the language. Dynamic semantics or meaning of expressions, statements and program units. Because of the power and naturalness of the available notation, describing syntax is a relatively simple matter. On the other hand, no universally accepted notation has been devised for dynamic semantics.

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A classic dynamic semantics might define a function (or a relation) between a program's inputs and the program's outputs. A dynamic semantics of single and multiple wh-questions. OSF Storage (United States) abstract_salt2020-nonanon.pdf. 2020-07-09 09:56 AM. handout_salt2020.pdf. dynamic semantics as rooted in the shift from sentence semantics to discourse semantics. Con-nected with this shift we can perceive at least three kinds of important, and mutually interrelated problems: the basic problem of the compositional analysis of an anaphora-laden discourse, the Dynamic semantics is a perspective on natural language semantics that emphasises the growth of information in time.


sButler: A Mediator between Organizations' Workflows and the Semantic Web on Web Service Semantics: Towards Dynamic Business Integration,2005, 

This means that the Python interpreter does type checking only as code runs, and the  The role of semantic analysis in a compiler. – A laundry list of tasks.

Dynamic semantics

dynamic semantics in any way that conforms to the specification, rather than being tied to a specific implementation strategy they have specified. Defining both our formal dynamic semantics and static semantics over the same

Dynamic semantics

Semantics of Element Construction.

av JP Bernardy · 2019 · Citerat av 4 — We present a system for Natural Language Inference which uses a dynamic semantics converter from abstract syntax trees to Coq types. It combines the  Jämför och hitta det billigaste priset på Questions in Dynamic Semantics innan du gör ditt köp. Köp som antingen bok, ljudbok eller e-bok. Läs mer och skaffa  Sammanfattning: This paper develops a type of dynamic semantics in which contexts include not only information, but also questions, whose answers are  Mer inom samma ämne. Questions in Dynamic Semantics. 2007 · Sorting the World : On the Relevance of the Kind/Object-Distinction to Referential Semantics. We present a type-system and a dynamic semantics suitable for understanding the performance characteristics of both FCL and Obsidian-style programs.
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Dynamic semantics

Note that values are typed without an environment because they are just 32 bit words and cannot contain variables. Chapter 1 Introduction What lies in front of you, the reader, is a monograph appropriately called ‘Dynamic Semantics’. After reading it, it will, I hope, be clear to you why it is called so, but Dynamic semantics takes the two-way interaction between sentence (or, really, expression) and context as another central semantic notion: expressions, by virtue of their semantic contents being context change potentials, are both context-sensitive and context-affecting. It combines classical formal semantics and modern dynamic semantics without altering the fundamental paradigm. At the book’s core lies a pragmatically motivated notion of a dynamic conjunction of meanings, an idea that is worked out in full formal detail.

Köp Questions in Dynamic Semantics av Maria Aloni, Alastair Butler, Paul Dekker på Summary: Dynamic semantics is a type of semantic theory originally developed in the early 1980s by Irene Heim and Hans Kamp (independently). The basic idea of dynamic semantics is that the meanings of sentences are not propositions but rather functions that alter the context.
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Studying Dynamics in Argumentation with Rob. S Bistarelli, F Faloci, F Santini, C Taticchi. COMMA, 451-452, 2018. 5, 2018. Power index-based semantics for 

This is applied to linguistic phenomena that involve anaphora, quantification and modality. Dynamic Semantics book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. The integrated theory of dynamic interpretation set out here will be a s Dynamic semantics models (e.g., Heim, 1983b) claim that the meaning of any expression has two components: one for presupposition and one for assertion.

Denotational Semantics •Key Idea –Define for each language entity both a mathematical object, and a function that maps instances of that entity onto instances of the mathematical object •The basic idea –There are rigorous ways of manipulating mathematical objects but not programming language constructs N. Meng, S. Arthur 63

17 Jun 2015 In this paper, two theories are compared, viz. update semantics, and dynamic predicate logic. In section 1 a general characterization of the idea of  It has been claimed that dynamic semantics offers an account of what is said by an ut- terance in a context that excels that of traditional static semantics. Assertions  Static objects are constructs (identifiers, statements, expressions etc.) in the text of the program, and have no meaningful existence beyond compile-time. Dynamic  24 Aug 2013 Dynamic semantics nicely captures some facts about anaphoric expressions. For example, expressions such as negation, quantifiers and  23 Aug 2010 Dynamic semantics is a perspective on natural language semantics that emphasizes the growth of information in time. It is an approach to  9 Feb 2009 Chapter 9.

The book Presupposition and Assertion in Dynamic Semantics: A Critical Review of Linguistic Theories of Presupposition and a Dynamic Alternative, David I. φ is intersective iff ∃p∀s : s[φ] = s ∩ p. In dynamic semantics, a variety of meanings cannot be interpreted in this way.