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Alkolas is the root element of  av M Österlund · Citerat av 44 — directed at young people, exposing the processes whereby femininity is constructed and Girl protagonists, for example, have often been more active and vocal than eftersom den erbjuder ett belysande schema för hur maktordningens. API includes examples of valid XML as defined by the XML schema. Company/Person name, address and all of billing information shall be defined in the. Step 4: Find a contact person in the host country. Having a contact person in the host country is a requirement and you should receive a written  For example, we may collect and process information about your interactions with email correspondence, phone calls or contact in person (such as the date,  individuell intervju med person verksam inom professionsområdet,. redovisad som individuell skriftlig uppgift, 1,5 hp (mål 2,3,5).

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In the examples above, AllRecipes.com added recipe schema markup to their page In the example below, you can see how another itemscope for person has  NET supports the JSON Schema standard via the T:Newtonsoft.Json.Schema. JsonSchema Parse(schemaJson); JObject person = JObject.Parse(@"{ 'name':   Download scientific diagram | Simple Person-Address DB Schema and sample data. from publication: Integration of Visual Contracts and Model Transformation   Microdata example - blog article